WordPress for XXX Sites

Should you build your site with wordpress is the big question that many first time or even experienced adult webmasters are asking about their new projects. There are several considerations, administration, seo and cost.In this post we will be comparing WordPress to the other popular alternative, Joomla. Starting with administration, wordpress is hands down the […]

RSS Feed Adult

Turn all of your FHG’s into RSS feeds for easy, constantly updated display on your sites. It’s perfect for adding fresh auto updating content to your blog, portal, hub, topsite, or whatever else you want. After a bit of initial confusion on my part, because I simply wasn’t expecting the software to do what it […]

Adult Auction Scripts

Two Auction Scripts 1 PHP, And 1 Perl/CGI! The First Is a Popular PHP Auction script!This is a VERY nice PHP auction script! It Is a very easy script to install! There are Many Premium features that come with this auction script! Once it is installed you can easily manage your new auction site from […]

Adult Trade Script

written in C The unlimited quantity of pages for visitors and an opportunity to place them on other domains, at each repeated call is shown new, You can customise pages by languages, as example all “de” traffic to de_page.html, all “ru” traffic to page_ru.html, unlimited You can customise pages by IPs or NETs, as example […]

Media Grabbing

Hey guys!We’ve been working on this for a long time so I hope you enjoy! How it works:Our goal with Media Grabbing is to greatly decrease the time it takes for webmasters to update their sites.We have hundreds of thousands of videos indexed from top video sites, and we’ve provided tools and filter systems to […]