EuroRevenue Continues

On its path toward diversification, Manwin group of companies has acquired EuroRevenue.

Though – to the dismay of its affiliates, partners and suppliers – the highly successful affiliate program announced its closure only weeks ago, it will now continue to exist under the Manwin banner.

All payouts to affiliates will continue, even beyond the month of August, and will be handled by previous owners during the transition period. Manwin is scheduled to take over all operations at the end of September 2010.

Although under new ownership, Huda Mahdi, EuroRevenue’s Executive Manager, will remain on board indefinitely. He has been an integral part of developing EuroRevenue, and instrumental in expanding the brand.

“This move marks a new era for us,” Mahdi says. “Reopening this program under the Manwin banner means we can retain our valued business partnerships, while benefitting from the organization’s visionary business model.”

EuroRevenue has been in existence for over nine years, offering online and mobile sites in various languages, while also catering to distinct tastes. Manwin is proud to welcome the brand into its network.

Partners participating in EuroRevenue’s revenue share program have reaped the financial benefits of their association for years, even while the economic downturn had dramatic effects on other similar programs. This only bolsters EuroRevenue’s core strengths, which will continue to be reinforced and nurtured under Manwin management.

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