What features do you want in your scripts ?

TGPs are free adult websites that get massive amounts of daily visitors. These surfers are all looking for some serious free porn. Any webmaster out there can get listed at the various TGPs, so long as they stick to the rules that the TGP owner lays out.

Most importantly, you’ll need a page with around 15 to 20 small photos on them, with these smaller pictures (thumbnail images) taking the surfer to the larger version of the pictures. It’s these images that give TGPs their name. The TGP owner gets free content, to keep their visitors happy, and the person who made the gallery can put ads on the page in order to make some money

A type-in domain name is one that surfers are likely to type directly into their web browser. About the world’s most famous type-in domain name is sex.com.

This is a very popular word and one that a lot of people type directly into the URL box in their browsers. If you are the lucky owner of a frequently typed domain name – you will get surfers visiting you each day just by typing that name into their web browsers. Unfortunately, type-in domain names are quickly snapped up and it’s tough to find good ones these days. That’s not to say they are not still out there!

NEW niches (eg. the recent MILF development) could also offer fresh type-in domain name opportunities.