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I was questioning an an internet marketer with some inside info on linkbuillding strategies … he allowed me to post a transcript: Linkbuilding – Interviewing an SEO Expert

Adult Link Building Q&A

how many in and out links you place per site?

It is impossible to give a general number … ThePornDude has hundreds, a site with a massive amount of frontpage content might naturally integrate a similar number of links – and they might all be good to have, while 10 links in a footer linkfarm on a generic tube might be worthless.

I look more at the general quality of the site, the quality of the placement of my link (where on page, relevant context etc) … and then I compare the quality to the outbound amounts but it isnt the main criteria

How important is the moz spam score?

Basically if you go through the 28 metrics/signals inside the spam score, there´s some quite surprising ones, some that are important and some that tend to be irrelevant … and I´m kind of saying the same thing: doesn’t matter too much what the spam score is & google doesn’t care as such, but if you’re doing poorly on some of those 28 metrics you might want to improve that particular thing

Where do you start building links when your site is new and has literally no traffic?

It depends on your strategy

If you have a budget for launching you can buy your way to a strong start – buying traffic, buying links, buying listings in attractive places …

If you have exclusive content you can have it promoted on tubes, tgps, pin sites, social, via affiliates etc

If you have nothing – build the site with good quality in mind … and build a couple of supporting sites, blogs or similar. Use the blogs/support sites to trade links to your main site. Try to get the main site listed in review sites, directories, get it on SoMe etc

Can you explain more about the spam-rating? I have a site with a high spam score and it scares me!

Nothing revolutionary 

– Google has no spam-rating and doesnt care that Moz has one
– A new site has a high spam rating more or less no matter what
– The spam rating from Moz is made from 28 factors put together
– If your spam rating is high, try to go through those 28 factors and see which one(s) you might be weak on & try to improve it

…so in conclusion: Getting sandboxed or listed as “dangerous” by Google is alarming and urgent. You should jump off the chair and fix whatever caused it immediately … the spam rating is more of a hint that you might want to improve some less important things along the way. I personally do look at the spam rating – but it doesnt rank very high in my estimation of the quality of a site, more like a little pointer or something…and if its a site im trading with, I might glance to see if something is off but it doesnt really discount a trade in itself…

So yeah…that about it 

Adult Link Building Thoughts

I found it quite interesting as it threw away all the clever little tricks i thought i knew….

Adult Link Building would be the very foundation for advertising the site of yours. The same as the real life you’ve to promote the business of yours to gain customers. If no person knows the site of yours actually exists they can not go to it and make purchases. Link building enables you to make your site known.

Backlink building is the procedure of gathering together a summary of links. What links do is figure out what the sites page ranking of yours is. Basically they work with Seo, normally referred to as SEO, to figure out how well-liked the site of yours is and what webpage it ought to be on.

As I’m certain you are able to imagine, individuals who do searches on the web don’t go far. They usually discover what they really want in a couple of pages. If you’re not on those very first few pages, the website of yours probably isn’t getting much traffic. This’s why links are very crucial as they are able to enable you to get onto one of those very first few pages.

However there are many ways available to focus on Adult Link Building. It is going to be as much as you to do the research of yours and attempt to decide which method is most effective for you and the market you’re in. I added some suggestions you may want to remember when building up the list of yours of links.

First: Ensure the links of yours are appropriate to the niche of yours. SEO has become quite advanced and yes it is going to pick up on links if they’ve limited to do with the website of yours. If you are using those kinds of links they won’t increase the page ranking of yours, which makes them completely useless. So stay with links that actually must do with the website of yours.

Second: Try getting links from higher ranked sites. Those sites which do sit at a couple of pages come out there since they receive a great deal of traffic and therefore are widely used. By getting links from those sites you piggy back off the success of theirs a bit of bit. The rank of theirs rubs off on the website of yours that makes those links more beneficial then ones from lesser sites.

High quality links such as for instance those could be difficult to come by. Generally the sole method to get those is using a paid service to get them. There are lots of cons and pros for undertaking that, but inevitably it is going to be up to you to determine whether the negatives are outweighed by the advantages.

Third: Get as lots of links as you potentially can. Even in case you accomplish the initial two tips, it may not help you almost as it might. You’re in a company and you’ve competitors, so in case the competitors of yours do those 2 tips and get a great deal more links, they are going to pull ahead. Consequently getting as lots of links as you are able to makes certain you continue and progress towards the very first page.

While these Adult Link Building suggestions might or even might not enable you to, they’re the fundamentals for link building. To use them you are able to branch off and locate the simplest that matches your needs.

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