Requirements for success in adult ?


Return On Investment. How much profit you made on your investment. If I spend $15 on bandwidth for a TGP gallery, and make a sale from my sponsor of $35, I have made a ROI of $20. ROI is usually used when working with the PPC search engines. But you can use it to work out how profitable your business is altogether, after hosting costs and other overheads are deducted.

Blind Link

All webpages will have links on them. Some will take the surfer from one page of the site to the next while others will take the surfer to a different site – perhaps a sponsor where they can make you some money. One way of getting the surfer to a sponsor is to use a blind link.

A blind link is any link which lies about where it takes the surfer. A simple example would be if I have a thumbnail picture on my site and I have text under it saying ‘click here to see the full size picture!’. But this link does not take the surfer to the full-sized image. It takes him/her to my sponsor. Blind links can take many other forms too.

Blind links will generally not produce good sales because the surfer has been duped into clicking and visiting your sponsor. Link lists and TGPs do not permit blind links as they do not wish to anger or mislead their visitors.