No CC Live Webcams

Live webcams with girls from around the world ready for sexchats is a booming industry. It is seen advertised as free or no creditcard needed (those are obviously not the same thing) from a multitude of different live sexcam sites. But what is the deal? How do they do it? It is even for real? […]

Affiliate Product Marketing

Have you ever wondered how come only a few affiliates always know about new killer affiliate products before anyone else? Do you find yourself desperate and feel you are lagging behind your competitors, while they are always on top? Have you ever asked yourself what is their secret? Don’t you sometimes get the feeling that […]

Adult Traffic Acquisition

I’ve this particular concept that there is a part of self consolation individuals have at looking for their stats soar more than a twenty four hour period with these kinds of assured hits programs. Certain you do not convert some brand new prospects, though you are able to see all the buds of yours that […]

Active TGP Sites & Porn Top Lists

Active TGP Sites & Porn Top Lists for adult webmasters have been compiled. These are valuable XXX traffic ressources where you can have galleries or sites listed – sometimes in return for a recip. Have a look here at: Traffic Sources / Porn Webmaster Resources You can also find information about guest blog posts […]

Linkbuilding: Interviewing an Internet Marketing Expert

Interview with an Internet Marketing Expert. He allowed me to transcribe the answers to my many questions about how to best do link building strategies and what pitfalls to avoid. “Do you get penalized for having inbound links from the same domain or from different domains with the same IP?“ Penalized? No. Think about it […]

Version 10 of TGPX

TGPX – V10 Is out (along with TubeX, Arylia and LinkX) Changelog:V10: Categories Tables Fixed / Search & Replace in Templates FixedV9: Mixed gallery import fixed Grab it here: needs an original license, TubeX – LinkX and TGPX are free to download and use)

Arylia Gallery Builder – PHP7 Version

Arylia Gallery Builder – PHP7 Version available for upgrade. You need a license for Arylia 3 from The new Arylia version includes an improved batching facility. Unofficial peer-to-peer support for Arylia at See more Adult Webmaster Tools at Adult List What is Arylia? Arylia Gallery Builder is a full-featured picture and video gallery […]

TubeX & TGPX Revival

Back in the days TubeX, LinkX and TGPX were three of the most popular adult webmaster tools for running XXX tubes, adult linklist and porn TGPs. All 3 were producted by JMB Soft along with scripts for traffic trading and making toplists However, JMB Soft closed, left all scripts as public domain/open source and disappeared. […]

Adult Micro Niches

The web is filled with thousands and thousands of adult sites that are already making money and getting traffic. It’s damned hard to make a dent selling smut when everyone else is doing pretty much the same thing. How many ways can you redefine hardcore or softcore? If you want to sell coed smut, the […]

Researching Porn Keywords

Adult keyword research is the base of an adult search engine optimization strategy. By completing comprehensive keyword research first, you can ensure that you have built the foundation for results. Keyword Research GoalsThe main goal of keyword research is to reveal potential keyword targets that have a good balance of traffic to competition. We want […]