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Have you ever wondered how come only a few affiliates always know about new killer affiliate products before anyone else? Do you find yourself desperate and feel you are lagging behind your competitors, while they are always on top? Have you ever asked yourself what is their secret? Don’t you sometimes get the feeling that almost everybody has already purchased the product you have just started to promote, and worse, they bought it from your competitors?
Are you frustrated that every time you start to sell a new product, you find that almost everybody else is already promoting the same product?

Aren’t you tired of all this? Imagine… how your earnings would have grown if you had access to the secret information that very few super affiliates have discovered. Free your mind and imagine … you are among the very first few to discover new killer products that nobody has purchased yet. How would your sales sky rocket when you knew about new killer products – just a moment before they capture the market?

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What if … you CONSTANTLY discover new killer products? Imagine how it would enhance your reputation and explode your sales? How would your prospects and customers appreciate your “always-up-to-date-with-new-quality-products” web site? Your site will become a center of innovation. Your name would be a byword for originality. What if … you ALWAYS beat your competitors by introducing new information and new solutions? Where would your prospects prefer to go first to find solutions to their problems? You guessed right – to YOUR web site! You have come to the right place at the right time. In a few moments, you will Hold in YOUR hands this secret information that drives the entire industry crazy!

This was my exact problem! I was selling the same products that nearly all my competitors were selling, and most of all, they were already bought by the majority of potential buyers. Although my web sites had received a pretty massive stream of targeted traffic, there was no way I could make enough sales, unless I had a way to find these killer products first.
Affiliate product reviews weren’t good enough, I mean, they did give good reviews, but the problem was that they came too late. The minute I read them, my competitors also read them, plus, the reviews couldn’t cover all the new products available, but only a few selected ones. I had to get my hands on this information much earlier than that.
If only there was a tool that could do all this: Find new affiliate products, those that have just been released. Find unexposed products, those that are already in the market, but don’t have many affiliates and don’t sell many copies.

Find overexposed products. I don’t want to waste my time and money in promoting them. Those products already have too many affiliates, sell too many copies, and sometimes you can even see that their sales are declining!
Find all the products with a specific keyword and/or from a certain category or niche, and let me have one single list of all these products (without working too hard to find them!)

Show me the affiliate margin, the percent I would earn from every sale. Give me immediate access to the affiliate product sales page, so I could read and evaluate its potential right away. Like many others, I know that ClickBank publishes a list of products, in categories, ranked by their sales popularity, and that they update the list about once a week. Every week, you can know how every product has performed relative to others.

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