Streaming refers to videos viewed on the Internet. As most surfers still have slow connections to the web it would take a long time for them to download even a short porn video.

But someone came up with the great idea to make movies more friendly for those surfers. The idea behind streaming movies is that the surfer does not need to download the entire movie before it starts playing. Why not download a few seconds of video and then start playing it? While the surfer is watching those few seconds of video, the next few seconds are downloading. And so on.

Adult Sponsors

A sponsor is someone who will pay you in one way or another for sending surfers to them. They are companies who have some kind of adult product that requires exposure. Signing up at one sponsor generally means that you’ll get a number of different products to promote. Once you become an affiliate (by filling out an online form) you can start earning money by promoting their products.

Sponsor programs come in all shapes and sizes. The way in which you can earn commission varies greatly from one to the next. Payouts in the adult web are generally very high, with some sponsors paying as much as $70 for every sale one of your surfers makes. Other common ways you can earn money on the adult web are getting X cents for every surfer you send, systems where you’ll be paid a percentage of all sales (initial and on-going), and ‘for free’ programs. Adult sponsors are constantly competing for YOUR traffic. Many offer incentives and bonuses for you to join them.