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Conversion Ratio on Adult Sites

When a surfer buys something, I have converted him (or HER!) into a cash-paying customer. Surfers will visit your site and, with a bit of luck, some will decide to visit some of your sponsors too. The conversion ratio deals with the number of people you send to a sponsor, versus the number of people who buy something. Let’s look at an example. I send 500 people to one of my sponsor’s paysites.

Out of those 500 people, 2 of them buy something. My conversion ratio is the total traffic sent to the sponsor, divided by the total number of sales. We can then say that one in every 250 people who visited my site bought something. OR… I have a sales ratio of 1:250 (as it will commonly be written). Conversion ratios serve as a guide for adult webmasters as to how well their traffic is performing.