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We’ve been working on this for a long time so I hope you enjoy!

How it works:
Our goal with Media Grabbing is to greatly decrease the time it takes for webmasters to update their sites.
We have hundreds of thousands of videos indexed from top video sites, and we’ve provided tools and filter systems to help the webmaster get the job done.

With every site you sign up with, we will customize our program to work with your CMS. This will usually take no more than 24 hours to do, and once done, you can begin using MediaGrabber to the fullest!

Any video video you find on MediaGrabber has our one-click upload button. When clicked, the video is automatically added to your website, along with thumbnail, tags, title etc. Videos can either be embedded or uploaded, whatever you want!
To help you find what you’re looking for, we’ve created an advanced filter system which guarantees you’ll be able to find the niche and kind of video you want. Saved filters can also be applied to the 100% automatic updater, which will update your site automatically, according to your specifications.

We currently have over 250,000 videos indexed, and an average of 1000 new ones are added every day.

If you have any specific sponsors or sites you want us to index for you so you can use the MediaGrabber tools to help quicken your updates, just let us know, and we’ll add them!

– 100% Automated / One-click updates!
– Works on ALL cms’ and sites!
– Ability to customize video sources to fit your needs!
– Save hours while still being fully in charge of your content!
– Advanced filter system help show only the videos you’re interested in
– If you don’t have the time, or you’re going on vacation etc, MediaGrabber can update your site with timed and periodic updates for you!

Getting started:

After registering on the site, the first thing you’ll want to do is add a domain. Click “Configure your sites” on the side menu, and “Register new site”. NOTE!!!:You only need to fill out “Basic data” and “Submission Options” The 3 other tabs are for advanced users, and if you think you can program the bot yourself, you can give it a try. Hit “Save Changes” once done.

If you want to check out our entire video database, click “Pornography” under “Grabbed Media” on the side menu. If you want to set up a filter, click “Manage Content Filters”. You can make the filter as loose or specific as you like. Hit “Save Filter” when you’re done.

I am now viewing my “Amateur Shufuni” filter. The drop down menu on the video lets me choose whic site I want it to be added to. The blue arrow is the add button. When you click it, you must confirm you want it added, and then it will be automatically added to your site, with all the info.

You can check the status of your updates at any time. If you’ve added a lot of videos in a very short amount of time, there may be a que.

I think the other options in the menu are self-explanatory
Remember, if you only get videos from sponsors or a specific video site, and we don’t already have them in our index, just let us know what you need and we’ll add them for you!

After registering a new domain, you must go to “Payment Profile” and pay in order to be able to access the rest of the site. With a minimum of 1 domain registered, you’ll have access to the entire database.
Please also allow time for your site to be customized and working with MediaGrabber!

So that’s it basically. And thanks again to the webmasters who helped test the site and come with great feedback!

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