Adult Trade Script

  • written in C
  • The unlimited quantity of pages for visitors and an opportunity to place them on other domains, at each repeated call is shown new,
  • You can customise pages by languages, as example all “de” traffic to de_page.html, all “ru” traffic to page_ru.html, unlimited
  • You can customise pages by IPs or NETs, as example visitor with IP will see page192.html, visitors from 10.0. net page10.html, unlimited
  • You can divide all incoming traffic and direct all traffic from proxy to another group of pages, new everytime
  • You can redirect all traffic from some of your tarders to another url, or make different pages for them
  • CJ2 rules or not, if not CJ2 you can receive and count consoles traffic
  • Trade by groups, you can run several CJs only using this featur ),
    traffic in one group never mixed whith other
  • You can specify traders which will not receive proxy traffic
  • Limit outs by quantity or by ratio
  • Stop forcing if specified quantity of unique ins are received
  • Stop forcing if no specified quantity of ins are received at last N hours
  • Start trading if specified quantity of unique ins are received from trader
  • Prefered traders
  • Top trade listing
  • Permanent outs
  • Content support. %, or N clicks to content before to traders, or every N click to trader, you can specify this from admin menu or in GET to out.cgi
  • Two independent timed forces, that can be run at specified day of week(or everyday) at specified hour(or everyhour) at specified minutes
  • You can change the main traders parameters from main menu without page reloading, all change will be visible
  • Friendly interface, it’s easy to customize it
  • Realtime stats
  • You can see stats by languages, by IP for any hours any day for any trader, linktracking stats
  • You can keep your stats as many days as you want
  • Notice about new traders signups by E-mail
  • Trade by UNIQUE INS or by CLICKS
  • Lock traders, and lock new traders signups
  • Reset traders stats
  • Antecheat proof
  • Backup and restore database
  • and many others features…

Adult Trade Script


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